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Xavier de le Rue
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Xavier de le Rue

Big Mountain

French big mountain rider and mountaineer Xavier de Le Rue has a high tolerance for risk. He has dropped into the sheerest of faces in Antarctica, jumped from a paraglider into AK lines, ridden blue ice on the cover of TransWorld Snowboarding magazine—this on top of an early career in Olympic boardercross with several major FIS and X Games wins. Not to mention the multiple years as the Freeride World Tour champion, and a laundry list of film parts, including influential parts with Standard Films.

This past season Xavier split his time between Verbier, Switzerland and the Pyrenees riding with his wife, pro freestyle skier Beanie, and self-documenting their season with a Hexo+ drone for his XV DIY web series. Xavier shows no sign of slowing down as he continues his relentless exploration and domination of the most remote and absolutely steepest big mountain terrain in the world.


  • 2012 TWS Riders’ Poll Standout Rider Of The Year 
  • 2010 TWS Riders’ Poll Standout Rider Of The Year 
  • 2010 Freeride World Tour World Champion
  • 2009 Freeride World Tour World Champion 
  • 2009 Swatch O’Neill Big Mountain Pro Champion
  • 2008 Freeride World Tour World Champion 
  • 2005 X Games Boarder-X Gold Medal
  • 2002 Legendary Banked Slalom Winner