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Angel Collinson
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Angel Collinson

Big Mountain

Angel Collinson was blessed to grow up, literally, in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah at Snowbird immersed in an active skiing family alongside her younger brother John Collinson. An early foundation in ski racing gave way to big mountain contests and filming for TGR’s annual ski movie. Her total absorption in the world of skiing has formed into a base skillset that makes Angel a go-to talent for any gnarly big mountain mission.

On screen she confidently attacks big Alaskan faces with what’s been dubbed, “the rowdiest” approach in women’s skiing to date. Angel absolutely owns her lines, whether picking her way through technical terrain or going Mach 10 on wide-open faces. Her TGR segments have been widely celebrated, and is where her unique talent shines straight through the glass ceiling. Most notably Angel put together performances that earned the opening segment in 2014’s Almost Ablaze and the closer in 2015’s Paradise Waits—the two most important segment of each year. The real kicker is her victory for Powder Magazine’s Best Line of 2015—gender free and completely decisive, Collinson was confirmed to have skied the best line of the year. Glass. Shattered. Angel is recovering from an ACL injury sustained last spring in Alaska and is on track for a full recovery and a return trip to AK this spring.


  • 2015 TGR Paradise Waits closing segment
  • 2016 Powder Magazine Best Line
  • 2016 Powder Magazine Best Female Performance
  • 2015 Freeskier Magazine Skier of the Year
  • 2015 Powder Magazine Best Female Performance
  • 2014 TGR Almost Ablaze opening segment
  • 2012 Swatch Freeride World Tour Revelstoke First Place
  • 2012 Canadian Freeskiing Championships First Place