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Tyler Newton
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Tyler Newton


Tyler Newton, 27, Hanalei, Kauai Growing up on the North Shore of Kauai, I had a huge plate of mentors. Including the Irons Brothers, Danny Fuller, Dustin Barca and the list goes on. In my early stages I competed much more. NSSA, Pro Junior, and even had a small run on the QS but lost motivation and took a two-year break from the surf industry. In 2015 I regained drive to surf professionally again and have put my focus mainly into surfing waves like Pipeline. Passion: Surfing Personality: Mellow, and love to laugh. Other Interests: Fishing Accomplishments: 2002 NSSA national champ, 2007 Backdoor Shootout Standout, 2017 Backdoor Shootout Standout, 2018 Backdoor Shootout Standout


  • 2002: NSSA national champ
  • 2007: Backdoor Shootout Standout
  • 2017: Backdoor Shootout Standout
  • 2018: Backdoor Shootout Standout