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Kyllian Guerin
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Kyllian Guerin


I’m a 14-year old Surfer from Seignosse in the South Of France, however I grew up in Costa Rica. Surfing is my biggest passion and my life is surrounded by this amazing sport. I’ve been Lucky since I was young to be able to travel the world to surf all types of waves and discover new cultures and people from around the world. This has offered me the opportunity to be open minded and understand how fragile our earth really is and how we must take care of our oceans. My main goal for myself for the future is to become a professional surfer on the world tour and I will do everything that I can to realize my dream. I also like surfing big waves—it’s something I’ve been attracted to since I was a young surfer . Passion : Surf, traveling, and music. I like to play golf also but I m not a really good player. Personality : Right, combative, passionate , faithful, and honest. Other Interests : Photography Accomplishments : For a long time, I have been committed to protecting the oceans and the rights of children. It's important to help others and protect the planet. I understood this very young when traveling around the world.


  • February 2016: First, Junior Costa Rica circuit Guanacaste
  • February 2016: Winner VQS Volcom Nationals, Costa Rica
  • 2017: First place Gromsearch Oleron
  • Winner of the Gromsearch French circuit in 2017
  • Winner of the the European Final Gromsearch Under 14
  • Aquitaine Champion