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Conner Coffin
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Conner Coffin


Growing up on the coast of Santa Barbara, CA, Conner has had a love and passion for the ocean starting at a very young age. Conner credits his father for this, as he recalls being placed on the sandy shores at the ripe age of four. Surfing soon became a daily occurrence, a competitive outlet, and finally a way of life. With easy access to some of the most notable beaches and waves in California, there has been no stopping him since. Conner’s highly acclaimed smooth and powerful style can be attributed to his many hours logged surfing various famous point breaks including hometown Rincon. To go along with Conner’s friendly personality and bright mind, he is highly competitively driven. In late 2015 Conner qualified for the World Championship Tour and the honor of competing for the coveted World Title which he has dreamt of for more than half his young life. Aside from surfing, Conner enjoys the arts. He is often found playing live music with friends and brushing up on a Hemingway text while enjoying free time at home. Conner also enjoys spending time with his family and he isn’t shy to note they are pillars in his fast-moving life.


  • 7th Overall, WSL World Championship Tour
  • 1st Place – 2017 Vans World Cup, Hawaii